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We specialize in reglazing all bathroom fixtures including ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, pressed steel and cast iron baths, ceramic sinks, toilets and bidet’s.

We've come to know and understand the importance of quality and value for your money.  We are committed to providing the ultimate bath reglazing service in the market today.

We provide an after sales service and offer a FIVE year warranty to our customers so as to fully ensure 100% satisfaction for all.



   At Titan Tub & Tile Reglazing our philosophy is quite simple. Referrals from satisified customers are the true measure of a company's "character and skill set".

We believe we are the best at

what we do. Let us show you that you will experience that too!

The Tub Reglazing Process

  • The process begins where we set up a good and powerful ventilation system that would vent the fumes that will be generated by the process to the outside.

  • We then, strip off any existing coating from the original finish of the tub.

  • Cleaning the tub totally using an industrial cleaner, rinsed off with water then sanded wet.

  • We dry out the tub completely, then inspect for any damages. Repair any damages with a waterproof body filler substance, and then sand down the whole tub again until it becomes smooth.

  • We then carefully cover the surrounding area of the tub with the proper masking paper to protect everything that may be affected by the spraying.

  • We remove all dust and dirt, and then apply on the tub a silane-containing bonding primer.

  • After about 10 15 minutes, we let the tub dry out completely then spray a coat of a specially formulated two-component acrylic urethane using a turbine and a spray gun.

    We repeat the spraying up to six

    coats, if needed.

  • We then let the tub dry totally and after twenty-four hours, it will be then ready for use again.

   The whole reglazing process is complete and....

You won't believe the transformation.